No child is born a picky eater.
Everyone can cook simple, nutritious food that tastes really good!

About Us

Young Sze Yoong playing with gingerbread men.


Lai Kuan and Sze Yoong

My mum (Lai Kuan), who believes that no child is born a picky eater, has never shied away from cooking the vegetables that picky eaters usually despise. With some creativity and lots of dedication, she crafted many delicious recipes that made these vegetables the star of the show, and helped me (Sze Yoong) develop a healthy (no pun intended!) relationship with food. She set up Food-4Tots in 2008 to share her experience with other mums. If she could do it, anyone can!

Food-4BigTots is my tribute to the original Food-4Tots. As an aspiring CS student, I took up the challenge of transforming the static WordPress website into a dynamic Flask web app, and giving it a fresh new look. I hope that it will continue to bring back sweet memories from my childhood of helping my mum with the blog (testing food and modelling for photos) and help everyone make simple, healthy food that also taste really good.


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